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Hub of all things Data Exchange going into

Today’s world of connected things and connected people is propelling us towards the Internet-of-Everything. But is it really giving us better organisation and coordination of our lived lives1. No, not really. Because we can’t actually connect our data nor look at it all together. Only HAT allows this. With HAT we can control and combine our data in any way we want, in any way that makes sense to us and see it in these combinations with Rumpel, the world’s first “hyper-data browser”.

But there’s more. HAT is unique in then allowing us to permit the exchange of data with others – for fun or social purpose, or with companies so that they can properly understand our needs and make offers that are actually useful. HAT helps us make better decisions about the way we live our lives, and allows us to get best value from our personal data through the permitted exchange with others.

Our digital footprint

We spend 60 percent of our time on media – more than sleeping – and spend much of this time generating data for others about our lives. We place more and more data about ourselves “on the internet”– with firms who are providing services to us. And firms are collecting very much more data on us as well – from public surveillance to the smart devices in our homes. Every one of us has a huge digital footprint. Not only are we becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy, security, and confidentiality of our own data, but we get almost no value from it.2

Moreover, the firms that collect our data get relatively little value from it themselves whilst having a significant liability to keep it safe. Quite rightly, they can’t use private data for any other purpose, and public or anonymised meta-data – “big data” – can really only give insights about basic trends. Wouldn’t it be great for both us as well as for firms if we could combine our data to give real insight into the way we live our lives?

Unleash the value of your data!

As individuals, we need to realise that our data has value to those that collect it from all our actions on the Internet, including our interaction with the IoT. But it has a lot more value to us; to understand our wants and actions in the context of our lives to make better decisions, get better deals, and enhance our engagement with our friends and society as a whole. We can only release this value if we can collect, control and configure our data and permit its exchange, allowing others to see selected elements under strict conditions of confidentiality and trust.

What if we had the power of our own data?

What if every one of us had a secure platform/server that allows us to do this? One that gives us the computational ability to organise our inventory, lifestyles, calendar – our digital assets – to help us make better decisions in our lives. A platform that enables us to retain control of how we share our data with whomever we choose, and synchronise across all IoT devices, firms and internet services in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.

The power or your own personal HAT of data!

This is what the HAT offers. Developed through a UK government-funded research project, the HAT (or Hub-of-All-Things) is a multi-sided platform for personal data created to enable individuals to collect their own data through IoT-enabled objects and to control and combine it in any way, to be creative in mixing it up to provide new perspectives on our lives and the way we live them. This personal data, or any of the “mash-ups” of it, can then be shared in a privacy-preserving manner. This not only helps us make better and more informed decisions in our lives, but also allows companies to offer us more personalised and customised offerings.

Join the HAT personal data movement!

As individuals we need to recognise the value in our data. This value can be realised if we are able to collect, control and configure our data, and exchange selected elements of it with others under strict conditions of confidentiality and trust.

The HAT can help you do this. Grab your data now by signing up for your own HAT and support the revolution:

Paul Tasker:

Chief Executive, co-founder and director at HAT Data Exchange Ltd

Full profile here:

  1. Ofcom said UK adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day on media – estimate 60 percent daily activity) devices, compared with the average night’s sleep of eight hours and 21 minutes- reported in Ofcom annual communications study 2015
  2. UK Digital catapult research commentary – “Understanding the benefits of personal data” 65 percent personal data and trust- 65 percent consumers unclear of their data ownership of use. Trust of personal data will hinder use of personal data


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