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EPSRC Press Release
27th July 2016 Uncategorised Admin

Revolutionary web browser lets you lead a smarter life when you get a HAT View the article on the EPSRC site here   RUMPEL, a ground-breaking hyperdata web browser that makes it simpler for people to access and use online data about themselves, is being rolled out to the public this month.   RUMPEL gives users

Beta release of HATs, Rumpel™ and MarketSquare™
Gallery 26th July 2016 Uncategorised Irene Ng

We are pleased to release HATs with Rumpel™ and MarketSquare™ today for testing by the beta community. If you have purchased an instant beta HAT, or signed up as a HAT beta user, you should have received an invitation code to sign up here (click here to know why do you need

HATDeX economic and revenue model
25th July 2016 Uncategorised Admin

HATDeX is tasked to manage and grow the HAT ecosystem. We are very clear that we must align our economic incentives with that of HAT users so that the more they benefit, the more we do. Since individuals benefit in ways that are also non financial (eg sharing things), we must also ensure that free