Data Shopper Services (DSS)


DSS provides the opportunity for any organisation, without the requirement of development capacity, to use personal data from HAT. DSS is a built-in service in Market Square, where organisations can choose the HAT users they want to reach and make offers to specifically ask for a collection of personal data. These offers can include vouchers, discount codes, freebies or even cash to trade personal data with HAT Users. Corporates will have opportunities to view market insights and some meta data about users to identify better targeted user groups. Offers need to specifically request the personal data required, and its acceptance is subject to users’ agreement.


Reach all the right people

Be specific about who you’d like to reach with your DSS. Once registered as a merchant on Market Square, you can create targeted data offers in exchange for HAT personal data. You can specify your target HAT locations: Country, county/region (or even postcode and the area around your business in future releases); and Demographics – age group, gender (or even interest in future HAT releases). Unlike other targeted services, HAT users consciously decide the exposure of their personal meta-data in DSS. So the users you can reach are the customers who are open to new offers.

Not just the right people, Get all the right data

Be specific about what data points you’d like to get with your DSS. HAT has an open schema so that organisations can understand what data points are available from a HAT prior to making an offer to access HAT data. This enables you to specify your target data points that matters to your business, without having to deal with the noise that normally accompanies personal data sets.

DSS Insights

With DSS insights, you can improve the way you make your offers based on real results. DSS insights show

    • How many HAT users have received your offers.
    • How many HAT users have seen your offers.
    • How many HAT users have accepted your offers.

Only real customers, no more clickthroughs, no more impressions

Worrying about conversion rates from impressions and clickthroughs is so yesterday! DSS helps you to bypass the conversion conundrum, and go straight to trading personal data directly with real customers. DSS applies charges only on accepted offers. So your data offer campaigns are 100% about real customers.

Unlimited impressions for FREE – DSS distributes your offers to all your target HATs in the entire HAT ecosystem, FREE of charge
Unlimited clickthroughs for FREE – DSS allows your target HAT users to browse your offer details as often as they like, and take all the time they need to accept your offers, FREE of charge
Only pay for real customers – you only pay for accepted offers, meaning you have gained access to your target users’ personal data.

Control Data Shopping budget

Meet the dynamic needs of your personal data access requirements without being overwhelmed by offer distributions. You only pay for accepted offers on a per user per week basis. So you are always in full control of the scale and cost of your data offers.

Who is it for?

DSS is for organisations who don’t yet have any software or infrastructure capabilities, but have identified their personal data access requirements and are willing to trade with HAT users. It is useful for marketers in corporations who make offers in exchange for specific parts of users’ data. DSS allows corporations to participate in the personal data exchange in the HAT ecosystem, without being involved in technology development.

What’s included in the package

MarketSquare access – HoD HAT are automatically enrolled to participate in Market Square
Universal Data plugs included
Expert Support – support by HATDeX team via HATDeX forum

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