HATDeX for Business

HATDeX Business Solutions help businesses manage the complexities of storing and exchanging personal data in a way that is privacy preserving and yet allowing businesses to make offers for which users can exchange their personal data or to provide services that help users make the most of their personal data.

Why HAT for organisations?

HATDeX business solutions are ideal if your organisation wants to outsource personal data containment in a privacy-preserving manner, with the potential to request more data from the individual and still empower users to control and manage their own data. If you only wish to request personal data from users in the HAT ecosystem, do consider our data shopper services.

HAT on Demand (HoD) 

HoD allows organisations to buy HATs in bulk for their customers and is suitable for those organisations with no infrastructure and software capability. The HoD solution enables your customers to sign up to their HATs with a few clicks, pull their personal data held by your organisation into their HATs, combine this with other personal data they have on themselves and then share the remixed data with your organisation via Rumpel – our Hyper Data Browser. You can also opt for a white-labelled Rumpel to maintain consistency with your organisation’s branding.
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HAT-as-a-Service (HaaS)

We offer HATs as a Service (Haas) so that organisations can provide HATs to their customers directly from the organisation’s own apps. The HaaS solution uses the HATDeX hosting platform and takes care of HAT hosting, storage, use and exchange of data for the organisation in a way that preserves privacy and reduces reputational risk.
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HAT Milliner Service

The Milliner Service is the HAT deployment software used in the HoD and HaaS. It was developed by HATDeX to allow more dynamic configuration of HAT deployment such as, for example, default allocated storage for each HAT, mechanism for starting and managing HAT and rules for HAT backup and recovery. Organisations may obtain a license from HATDeX to provision HATs directly from your apps much like HaaS, but to host the HATs on your existing or preferred cloud infrastructure. Your organisation will benefit from this service in terms of being able to rapidly deploy HATs. Your customers will be able to play with their HAT instantly via Rumpel – our Hyper Data Browser, as well as participate in the Market-Square.
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Data Shopper Services (DSS)

DSS provides the opportunity for any organisation, without the requirement of any software development, to request for personal data from HAT users. DSS is a built-in service on Market-Square, where organisations can choose the HAT users they want to reach and specifically ask for a set of personal data. Organisations can make offers such as vouchers, discount codes, freebies or even cash to request for the required data from these HAT users. Organisations will have opportunities to gain market insights to better target their customers. Please note that the acceptance of data offers is subject to users’ agreement.
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HAT Fitting Services

Our HATDeX HAT Fitting services are delivered by certified HAT Fitters who can help your organisation engage and benefit from the HAT and the HAT ecosystem. Our consultants will help you pilot your organisation’s HAT-ready service through HAT Living Labs, a sandbox space within the live system, and share our development experience with you to co-develop a roadmap towards your ideal solution. Our fitting services help ensure that you get the optimal solution for your needs and budget.
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My business would like to Just make data offers to access HAT personal data Get my customers to store their personal data on HAT, but I don't want to host HATs Host HATs for my customers to store their personal data
Features Data Shopper HAT on Demand HaaS Milliner Services HPP
Access existing HATs in the Ecosystem and Make data offers to access personal data (through certification)
Access MarketSquare for personal meta data and market insights
Access all available HAT data points from Universal Data Plugs
Obtain support by HATDeX team via HATDeX forum
Get instant HAT "off the shelf" for your customers *
Offer the leading edge HAT solution to store your customers' personal data
Allow your applications to communicate with HATs
Free HATDeX Consultancy - Application Scoping
Get your customers HAT under your OWN Brand
Seemlessly deploy HATs for your customers from your applications
Unlimited HATs Deployment **
Unlimited HAT storage and data exchange for your customers
More frequent backup for your customers' HAT
Host HAT on your own infrastructure
Get data exchange insight for your customers
Full flexibility of HAT hosting
Infrastructure Development on open source packages
Certification specific to HPP
DSS HoD HaaS Milliner Service HPP
Provide a Hyper Data Browser for your customer by white labelling Rumpel Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Build your apps as a Rumpel plug-in Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
HAT Fitting Services Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional