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Our HATDeX HAT fitting Services are delivered by certified HAT Fitters who can help your organisation engage and benefit from the HAT and the HAT ecosystem. Our fitters will help you pilot your organisation’s HAT-ready service through a sandbox space within the live HAT system, and share our development experience with you to co-develop a roadmap towards your ideal solution. Our fitting services help ensure that you get the optimal solution for your needs and budget.

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Application Scoping

Scope applications that will bring your organisation competitive advantages from HAT’s leading edge personal data exchange solution. A HAT Fitter will help to address issues faced by your organisation on a daily basis in the personal data economy – legal, privacy, security, collection, storage, data usage and how to add value to your service.

Application Scoping is a FREE one-to-one consultation service that lasts one hour.

Requirement Analysis

Specify the requirements of a target application (or applications). HAT Fitters will bring technical and commercial expertise and experience in developing the HAT ecosystem to help derive detailed specification of applications for using HAT data. This will often identify stakeholders’ requirements, pinpoint a solution (normally an application) and detail development specification.

Requirement Analysis is normally a series of workshops and collaborative development activities. Requirement Analysis service is FREE for research, charity and non-for-profit organisations. For availability and pricing for commercial organisations, please contact

Development Services

We can offer development services to strategic projects on an occasional basis. This ranges from commercial development such as product design and business modelling, to technical solutions such as additional support on hosting, data plug development, and other service integration.

Organisations must have taken up the Requirement Analysis service to qualify for Development Services. For availability and pricing, please contact

Who is it for?

HATDeX HAT Fitting Services is ideal for organisations that wish to leverage on the HAT solution and personal data ecosystem. For example, retailers, financial services, telecommunication providers, energy companies, and healthcare services, etc. Such organisations should have software competency and some infrastructure capability. HATDeX HAT Fitting Services is useful for corporations that wish to improve existing personal data management, minimise personal data storage and support costs, or offer applications to access personal data.

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