The HAT-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution offers a seamless HAT provisioning service for organisations to support your apps. HaaS deploys HATs on The HATDeX hosting platform to make such HATs available instantly. Your customers will be able to play with their HAT immediately via Rumpel – our Hyper Data Browser, as well as participate in the MarketSquare. Your application can start interacting with your customers HAT by the minute (subject to registration with MarketSquare).


Seamless HAT Deployment

Through accessing HATDeX Milliner Service APIs, HaaS lets your application provision, run and manage HATs for your customers directly from your app with seamless user experience. No matter what platform your applications work on desktop, web or mobile you can simply send a request to the Milliner Service APIs, and the HAT Milliner Service will take care of the rest of your HAT provisioning.

Deliver HATs from HATDeX cost-effectively

Meet the dynamic needs of your HAT requirement without being overwhelmed by expensive infrastructure costs. With API-requested HAT provisioning, you are always in full control of the scale, speed and cost of your customers’ HAT deployment.

Simplify your infrastructure

Your app. Our hosting platform. This means no hosting hassle. We take care of the hardware and HAT scaling for you so that you can just focus on your app development, then get your apps to work with personal data from HAT. There’s no need to invest money and time in maintaining and upgrading your infrastructure.

Secure your customers’ personal data

Distribute and secure your customers’ personal data on the trusted and protected HAT hosting solution. Designed for resilience, HATDeX’s hosting solution is fully managed and fault tolerant. As “one database in One container for Every HAT” and distributed over the infrastructure, HATDeX’s HAT hosting helps to reduce the security risk that occur with account-based centralised storage, disincentivises breaching activities, employs best security practices and adds many more layers of security solutions.

Who is it for?

HaaS is a solution for organisations that do not have the infrastructure capability to host HATs independently, but have some software competence or operate their own applications. HaaS is useful for corporations that wish to reduce personal data storage and support costs as well as to mitigate reputational risk from privacy and security management of personal data, by outsourcing infrastructure maintenance of HATs to HATDeX. Our HaaS provisioning model is useful for software developers, SMEs and manufacturers of IoT products with their own software capability around personal data.

What’s included in the package

Milliner Service API accessibility – allows your applications to deploy HATs on HATDeX’s hosting solution with a simple API request behind the scene.
Ultra-fast HAT deployment – we use fast purchase through Indiegogo and automated deployment via HATDeX’s Deployment Service (Milliner Service)
Fully-managed HAT hosted on HATDeX hosting – 1GB storage, 1GB data exchange
Automatically Scalable – up to 200 HATs
Rumpel – the Hyper Data Browser that enables users to manage their HAT data
Weekly Backup – of HoD HATs, provided free of charge.
Market-Square access – HaaS HAT’ are automatically enrolled to participate in Market-Square
Universal Data Plugs included
Expert Support – from the HATDeX team via HATDeX forum

Need Extra?

Build your apps on Rumpel
White-Labelled Rumpel
HATDeX Consultancy

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