Personal Data is precious currency.

Personal Data

Expressions, Search, Photos, Environment, Calendar, Interactions, Activities, Location, Spending

Transformed to signals

Durable signal
Identity, demographic information, personality

Perishable signal

‘I have 15minutes before train arrives’, ‘would like a cup of tea’, ‘l


Give recommendations, nudges, personalisation


 Personal Data is scarce

Challenges in getting real-time, on-demand, dynamic personal data at SCALE

Economically Risky

Regulatory environment in Europe


Coding every OPD APIs into your app/service


Potentially erodes credibility & trust


Constant duplication of personal data across apps and websites create security and privacy risks

Low Quality

Doesn’t provide insights or signals in real-time, on-demand
and dynamically updated unless through a data broker (costly)


The Solution

Organisations’ customers should own their data

diagram 1.png

The HAT is a decentralised personal micro-server and database. It enable individuals to legally own rights to their data. HAT micro servers enable personal data storage, processing, AI and exchange


How HATDeX can help firms 

HATDeX built and operate the first scalable, data transfer/exchange platform for personal data between individuals and corporates using open sourced HATs.


Access to the platform is free, firms only pay marginal fees when they use it to inquire personal data from their customers. The more they use it the less they pay per use


From the acquiring model....

Previously, individuals interact with apps directly and give their data away each time. Although they get a good service in return, they do not get to keep their data and so they cannot re-use or re-share with other apps.


Instead, the apps acquire the data from others and share amongst themselves, with users consent


To the inquiring model

With a HAT micro server, HAT owners get to keep the data and can re-use and re-share the data with other apps on demand


Since the HAT is API-based, corporations can build in the ability for the individual to operate the microservices in the HAT within their own app to inquire data, with permission, as and when needed, without having to store the data 


Single sign-on

If you are a website or application : you can give your customers a HAT and ask for more data to personalise your website with a single sign on, and without the risk of holding personal data. Find out more at 


For  media sites, to give personalised
recommendation of content when on website



For Clothing sites, personalised clothing recommendations based on best fit and size


 Or create apps with the HAT as a user account


Combine your server and HAT Microserver to create personalised apps

HATDeX business model 



Be a HAT Platform Provider (issue HATs & pay for Data Exchange)

Purchase bulk HATs through Platform-as-a-Service (licensing Milliner), SAAS at a price per-HAT




Be a Vendor (pay for data exchange only)

Vend HATs (give their customers a link to get a HAT)Pay-as-you-go for data API calls depending on what data they wish to ask from their customers