HAT on Demand Solutions

HAT on Demand (HoD) allows organisations to buy HATs in bulk for their customers and is suitable for those with no infrastructure and software capability. The HoD solution enables your customers to sign up to their HATs with a few clicks, pull their personal data held by your organisation into their HATs (your organisation’s specific data plug required), combine this with other personal data they have on themselves and then share the remixed data with your organisation. You can also opt for a white-labelled Rumpel to maintain consistency with your organisation’s branding.

TAKE NOTE: White labelling and creating universal data plugs for your organisation’s data may require some development work. You could request to have this done by our open source development community or use our HAT consultancy services.


Deliver HATs “as is”

If you don’t need to create data plugs to bring your organisation’s personal data into the HAT, no coding is required for your customers HAT deployment. The HoD solution deploys what is already available – HATs are delivered from the HATDeX “as is”, quickly and simply. With per-user, per-month pricing, your HAT costs are always predictable, even when the demands of your business change.

Simplify your infrastructure

The HoD solution means no hosting and software application hassle to give control of personal data back to individuals. We take care of the HAT scaling for you so that you can just focus on your service to your customers.

Secure your customers’ personal data

Distribute and secure your customers’ personal data with our trusted and protected HAT hosting solution. Designed for resilience, HATDeX’s hosting solution is fully managed and fault tolerant. As “one database in One container for Every HAT”, and distributed over the infrastructure, HATDeX’s HAT hosting helps to reduce the security and reputational risk that occurs with account-based centralised storage, disincentivises breaching activities, employs best security practices and adds many more layers of security solutions.

Who is it for?

The HoD solution is useful for academic projects, SMEs and organisations without any software or infrastructure capability for personal data.

What’s included in the package

Ultra-fast HAT deployment
Fully-managed HAT on HATDeX hosting – 1GB storage, 1GB data exchange
Automatically Scalable
Rumpel – the Hyper Data Browser that enables users to manage their HAT data
Weekly Backup – of HoD HATs, provider free of charge.
Market Square access – HoD HATs are automatically enrolled to participate in Market Square
Universal Data Plugs included
Expert Support – from HATDeX team via HATDeX forum

Need Extra?

Build your apps on Rumpel
White-Labelled Rumpel
HATDeX Consultancy

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