the HAT: your private microservice container

The HAT is a private ‘microserver’ for individuals on the Internet. HATDeX HATs deploy Docker Containers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which wraps up a complete system that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools and system libraries. With the individual’s HAT in a Container, it will be lightweight and will run on any computer, on any infrastructure and in any Cloud, and therefore accessible anywhere by the user acrosH-certifieds all devices. Each Container runs a complete and independent HAT, and the only way to communicate with a HAT is via designated APIs. The Container-based solution also provides an added layer of protection by localising impact of any security issues and eliminating the possibility of system administrators enabling unauthorised access to the data of large numbers of users.

HAT Features

  • Security: Benefit from added security of the individual’s own HAT microservice container
  • Login: Logon to other HAT-ready websites with the HAT
  • Claim Data: Ability for the user to pull data into the HAT through data plugs
  • Exchange Data: Ability to exchange data from the user’s HAT through data debits
  • Future proofing: Users can build their own data repository for the future

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