Rumpel™: a private dashboard on the Internet

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 14.58.18 Rumpel™ is a dashboard for users to manage their own personal data, content and assets on the Internet. Re-organise, control and exchange HAT data from Rumpel™. As technology evolves to have greater intelligence, search, match and analytic capabilities around personal data, users may be able to buy the technology, but not their own history. Rumpel™ help users create a data repository for the future. It is compatible with all computer Operating Systems and also made available as an open source programme for others to build on. All users would need a HAT to access Rumpel.

Rumpel Features

  • Dataplugs: Add data to your HAT through dataplugs. Depending on the type of HAT you have, you may or may not have to pay separately for dataplugs.
  • Dashboard: View and browse your HAT data with Rumpel™ through RumpelViews. Each set of data that comes through dataplugs have a dataplugview for you to view your data. You can also view your data and content through new mashup views such as ‘My Day’
  • Exchange data with others through a datadebit
  • Claim data offers for benefits such as discounts, cash and services.
  • Free Rumpel Modules such as Notables, a way to keep track of your lists, status updates, blog posts, and even links

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Learn about Rumpel™ Lite (iOS app)



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