I Want A Free HAT

 The HAT is a new technology that gives every individual a microservice container, private and owned by the individuals, for them to easily manage their own personal data, content and assets on the Internet. This is part of a social movement to empower individuals on the Internet, and to benefit from it, instead of giving it all away. The technology is expensive to deploy, which is why we have to charge for HATs. As the ecosystem grows, and the benefits of personal data pays off, we believe we can either bring the costs down, or enable you to get your HAT costs back through data exchange. We hope to make all HATs free in the future. Please support the HAT community by paying for premium HATs so that collectively, we have a greater say in how our personal data can be used.

However, if you do not wish to at the present, and would like to know when a Free HAT becomes available in your country, please register below

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