Who is HATDeX?



HAT Data Exchange Ltd's (HATDeX) is a commercial enterprise spun out from the HAT research project tasked to build the decentralised HAT Infrastructure. From 2015-17, HATDeX built a suite of products (the HATDeX Technology Suite) around the open-sourced HAT to enable organisations to give their customers a HAT microserver and therefore benefiting from decentralise personal data storage, processing, and AI.

HATDeX operates under licence from the HAT Community Foundation, a members’ organisation that sets the top-level requirements for the trust framework. HATDeX and HATCF work together to grow, regulate, operate the HAT platform in the live environment.

In the innovation environment, HATDeX works with HATLAB and HAT Accelerator to catalyse new apps, tools and plugs on HATs through sandboxes, creation of Minimum Viable Products, Pilots and Proof of Concepts with partner organisations.

In the live environment, HATDeX manages the HATStore and the certifications necessary for a tool, app or plug to go live in the HAT ecosystem.

HATDeX Core Team

HATDEX is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that services on the live ecosystem are interoperable between all HAT owners and HAT Providers

  • Ensuring data exchanges between all entities in the ecosystem are speedy, secure and smooth

  • Providing metadata services to grow and facilitate data exchanges

  • Being a HAT Provider as the 'best practice' implementation of the Baseline Technology, improving the HAT Dashboard

  • Continuing to improve the HAT technology services and taking design inputs and advice from HATLAB research and innovation on the technological, legal and economic engineering of the HAT ecosystem

  • Enabling and supporting new cross application functionalities, data exchanges, data repositories, views, analysis and intelligence for HAT owners.

  • Maintaining and updating the open sourced HAT baseline technology

  • Support HATLAB innovation space for new MVPs, pilots and projects

  • Support HAT Accelerator for new startups building on the HAT.

How HATDeX technology suite of services work:

Using HATDeX Technology Suite of cloud services, you can:

  • Become a HAT Provider and issue HAT microserver private data accounts to your own customers. This could be easily done within your organisation's app.
  • Your customers can:
    • Claim their own data with external data plugs
    • Gain private insights from algorithms “AI” tools. Create "Extended Intelligence" for their own decisions
    • Give insight data to your app through a data debit that could signal their preferences, interests, priorities and contexts so you can personalise and recommend your services to them
  • Verify actions that your customers have performed through their digital action data going into the HAT
Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 16.58.51.png

Your Customers

Create an open and transparent relationship with your customers

Have a direct relationship with your customers and the data you don’t have:

  • Acquire personal data and data signals that are dynamic, on-demand and real time so that you can match your services to when they need it
  • Direct relationship with customer, with trust
  • Pay only for the data and data signals you acquire

Data Accounts


Direct-from-own-customer source of personal data

Give your own customers HAT microserver data accounts

We built the Milliner™ service to help organisations provision HATs from their own cloud infrastructure and to become trusted HAT service providers. Our white-labelled, open-sourced HAT dashboard and iOS app lets your customers view their HAT data with your own brand, logo and colour. All set up for you, within a week.

Fully Scalable


Fully scalable, one set of APi's of any-data-combination with insights

Let your own customers signal their intentions to you

HATs can call on functions in the 'Smart HAT Engine'. HAT Providers have no access to the data but they can onboard specialist tools that transform HAT data privately and request these insights and signals through the usual data debit. Privacy first. Rich and accurate real-time on-demand signals.

Customer Trust


Your own organisation's data is precious.

Be a multi-sided market for your data, combined with your customer's HAT data

Our DEX service lets companies create an exchange platform for all types of personal data e.g. being a Health personal data exchange, a Financial personal data exchange, linking companies with HAT owners and create new revenue streams for the benefit of both sides. Ideal channel to unlock the potential of IoT data, with full control and cooperation of customers themselves.

Data acquisition


Data acquisition made transparent

Directly acquire data from HAT owners

DataBuyer sits on the DEX service and lets organisations such as universities and researchers offer benefits for data and even future data, influencing and verifying digital action through data. DataBuyer is a new model for data acquisition, one that is based on complete transparency, direct communication, and fair reimbursement.