Change the Internet

The Internet is broken. It leaks. Every few months it seems our information seeps from some company and is stolen by a hacker. It's inefficient too. How many times have you entered the same e-mail information and ticked the same permissions box to access some new company's public access wifi? And worst of all, we don't own it. 

For more than 25 years, companies have been building up the Internet, until the most powerful online things in the world are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. The Internet was designed to be for the people - for humanity. It ought to be a bit better organised, a bit more democratic, and just a bit better. Less leaky. Less inefficient, and less invasive. It's time for a change.


A way to own your own data

The change we need is in data. Online, information is power, and all of the technology companies in the world get theirs from us. But we've never had a way to speak their language before - we've never been fluent in 'data'. If Google asks you where you are, it's too hard to answer in latitude and longitude.

Instead they ask us a much cheekier question:"I can find you - do you mind if I try?" If we want to have maps, and we don't speak data, we have to say yes. So our location gets streamed from our phone to Google and given away because the phone company and google can speak data to each other.


There hasn't really been any other way. We can’t say - here’s my playlist. Instead, we say, Sonos, talk to Spotify - they have it. 

We’ve never been fluent in ‘data’.

The HAT changes all of that. It's a new technology - a private micro-server, legally yours and yours only, that's completely fluent in data.  

And it's going to change the Internet.



The time has come

The writing is on the wall. It is finally time for the world to embrace a new Internet-level technology for decentralised, equitable data ownership. In 2017 the Economist cover line opened the world's eyes and then Open Banking, the first regulation for leveling the data playing field, was formally established in January. Facebook exposed itself to global scrutiny in a 14-day news cycle in April, and now GDPR hits on 25 May.

The HAT micro-server is the technology for being the "user-account" for every new app and website on the Internet. It's the "private data account" (like a current or savings account) for established companies that want more data and data signals. And it's legally owned by the person.

It can share real-time, on-demand, dynamically updated data, whenever requested - whether it's to fill in a form, verify you slept 6 hours, or posted a tweet. Giving data is via data debits, like the way we give money with direct debits. The HAT can speak data. With our HATs, WE can speak data.

It's a much, much better technology for a user account on apps and websites. And cheaper for app builders. And safer as it's decentralised to the person. And it's GDPR straight out of a box. What's not to like.


Be a part of it

HAT supporters from London to Malaysia and Toronto to San Francisco have been a part of the journey to a new data economy for more than 4.5 years, but if you've been waiting for an opportunity to become a formal part of the movement, now's your chance. We are allocating a portion of our Seed fundraise to our passionate community of over 2000 people.

We want to give our HAT community the opportunity to invest and benefit from the long term success of HAT. 


To allow as many of our crowd as possible to own a part of HatDex, we’ve decided to raise through equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube. Crowdcube was the world’s first and remains Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, and makes it easy for anyone to invest in exciting growing businesses from as little as £10. We are also looking forward to sharing some exciting announcements from our friends and partners building on the HAT. 


You can hold an early expression of interest here, and reserve your place in the HAT's largest fundraising opportunity to date.

Be a part of it with us.

Together we can change the Internet.


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