What do I do with my HAT?

What do I do with my HAT?
13th January 2017 No Comments » Uncategorised Jonathan Holtby

So you’ve got your HAT, what do you do now? I thought I’ll pen a few notes to help you get started.

First thing I did was to go to Rumpel, my private dashboard. On the top corner, you will see ‘New to Rumpel’. Click on it and it will give you an overview of what you can do on Rumpel. I did the tutorial just to be a little familiar with Rumpel but I was really very impatient to get into things. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long tutorial.

Data Plugs

First thing I did was to pull in my data. I brought in my Facebook data, my calendar data (you need to bring in an iCAL link), and I have an iOS phone, so I downloaded the Rumpel Lite app and yay! I have my location synchronised with my HAT! And I also linked my HAT to all the photos on dropbox.


Identity Management

PHATA (click here to learn what is PHATA)! PHATA is my personal HAT address and I set up my PHATA page by going to the profile page on Rumpel. A few clicks where I decide what is public and what is private and I have my own PHATA page! No more telling everyone my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,…..from now on I just say ‘you can find me on my HAT at hatcentral.hubofallthings.net‘. My PHATA page is also where I can see the apps that use my HAT data and the data plugs I’ve brought in. Move aside plain old websites, I have my own microserver now!




I like to click around my mashup. I get to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, which is great to keep a record of my history. Now if only I can get search and some smart services on this…. (coming soon?)



After browsing around Rumpel, I thought I’ll head out to the second service: MarketSquare! I went to the Notables@MarketSquare and read some of the public broadcasted notes from other HATTERs – everyone looked like they’re having fun. So I tried to post a note myself from Rumpel. I went to Notables to write something, setting it to be shared and it not just came out on MarketSquare, it was on my PHATA page as well! I can now use my HAT as a blog as well, which is cool. All my words in one place!


I’m certainly using it to life log private thoughts, shopping lists and also post public blogs and notes as well. And I love it that it has my history, my words and my data that I can buy services for later. Can’t wait for more services! You can check out our product plans here.




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