About HATDeX

HAT Data Exchange Ltd’s (HATDeX) provides the HAT Technology suite of cloud services to enable organisations to host HAT micro-servers for their own customers for the purpose of better engagement, personalisation and trusted relationships with their customers. HATDeX facilitates the acquisition, storage, aggregation and consumption of decentralised person-controlled personal data held by HAT owners for HAT Providers.

HATDEX , as a HAT technology provider in a decentralised data economy is responsible for:

  • ensuring that services on the Ecosystem are interoperable between all HATs and HAT Providers
  • ensuring data exchanges between all entities in the ecosystem are speedy, secure and smooth
  • providing metadata services to grow and facilitate data exchanges
  • Enabling and supporting new cross application functionalities, data exchanges, data repositories, views, analysis and intelligence for HAT owners and HAT Providers
  • Maintaining and updating the open sourced HAT baseline technology assets (‘Baseline Technology’)

HAT Database Schema — a specification and logic, including a taxonomy for organising all types of personal and publicly available data into a single, coherent data scheme
HAT API (Application Programming Interface) — is the set of routines, protocols, and tools for building Apps on the HAT Private Microserver Database Account, including APIs for inbound data (for data sources) outbound data and for data management
HAT Data Plugs — are routines and protocols to allow inbound data into the HAT Private Microserver Database Account
HAT Dashboard — is a native web application that facilitates the organising and visualising of data held on the HAT Private Microserver Data Account

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