Web Rumpel v3.1

Web Rumpel v3.1
21st August 2017 No Comments » Uncategorised Irene Ng

Rumpel v3.1 Release Notes

Rumpel™ is a private dashboard for your HAT data. It is the browser through which you can view, manage and create actions using the data stored in your HAT. What you can do with Rumpel:
* Stuff data into your HAT; claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful to you
* Keep it secure and available on demand; your HAT is a personal and secure cloud container that goes everywhere with you and available on all your devices
* Monetise your data; use it to get discounts and services, again and again
New in version 3.1:

* Rumpel Offers: the ability to sign up for relevant offers allowing you to exchange your data for cash, vouchers or services. Rumpel Offers includes a transparent data sharing model, allowing you to see which data points are being shared (and whether you can be personally identified by the data).
* Features centralised branding variables, enabling developers to quickly and easily change fonts, colours and logos globally.
* Updates the project to Angular 4.3
* Updates the project to Typescript 2.3
* Updates the Angular CLI version to v1.3
* Updates the build pipeline to use Angular CLI’s environments

Besides those, there were improvements:
* Usability and user experience enhancements
* Updated global styles
* Improved account menu
* Improved modal message design
* Displays helpful user message when token verification fails

And some fixes:
* Code consolidation and refactoring
* Fixes broken links
* Adds domain check to the token verification procedure
* Prevents multiple alerts if data plugs are not working correctly

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