Rumpel Lite iOS app v2.3 (renamed the HATDeX Platform iOS app)

Rumpel Lite iOS app v2.3 (renamed the HATDeX Platform iOS app)
19th August 2017 No Comments » Uncategorised Irene Ng

Rumpel Lite is an iOS demonstrator app for the HAT.

# What’s new in version 2.3:

Rumpel Lite will be renamed ‘the HATDeX Platform demonstrator app’ in this version, to reflect the full capability of the HATDeX platform

– split notes from private logging of notes (top secret logs) to notes for posting on social media (social media control)
– Added ability to see, accept add redeem offers categorised into ‘Read-eet, watch-ret, do-eet’ to reflect different categories of offers
– Added a featured offer section
– Added ability to see enabled data debits
– Added support to view facebook and twitter data (in addition to the feed)
– Added ability to change profile image
– Added ability to select images to view in your profile
– Added then ability to private information into ‘Total Recall’
– Added support for Priorities and Interest
– Added support for HAT Notifications
– Added the ability to open browser to view Madhatters news, What’s new on HAT, HATTERs bulletin board and Ideas
– Added a section to check out partner apps built on HAT
– UI Fixes
– Performance Improvements


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