Data Plug for Open Banking APIs

Data Plug for Open Banking APIs
17th February 2018 Comments Off on Data Plug for Open Banking APIs Uncategorised Anna DeWolf

We have had numerous requests for banking data to come into HATs. However, the current legislation does not account for individuals as owners of their own HAT private micro-server data account and being able to get their own data through APIs. Banks can only give other companies API access to your data, and not to you, as HAT owners.

Hence, open banking Data Plugs will not be deployed until permission is given. We have informed the HAT Community Foundation and the FCA and we await fresh instructions before proceeding.

We understand that individual HAT owners have launched their own action (, Irene Ng, our Chairman have also started her own action). While we are supportive, we are not able to do more at this juncture.

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