HATDeX Platform


Fully scalable

HATDeX Platform

The HATDeX Platform comprises of the HATDeX Technology Suite and a full governance system of economic, legal and design structures and rules for personal data exchange that are scalable, portable and yet preserve decentralised personal data rights.

The Platform:

  • Is the first to fully resolve the technical, legal and commercial barriers in the ownership and transfer of personal data between individuals and organisations

  • Delivers standardisation and Interoperability of personal data across all industry sectors

  • Is already referenced globally as a best in class solution in the emerging primary personal data exchange

More than technology

  • Tools, Applications and Plugs that reinforce data usage and interoperability

  • Scalable governance with auto-generated contracts that enable HAT owners to give permission on demand

  • Privacy preserving: request for only the data needed, and as frequently as needed without the need to hoard personal data on your application or website

  • Scalable and user friendly design: interactions with the HAT are standardised, enabling you to build trust with your customers

  • Issue a HAT Personal Data Account to your customers and benefit when they share their data with merchants

  • Acquire or inquire data from HAT owners - Be a HAT Merchant and accept data from HAT owners


HATDeX Technology Suite

Decentralised HAT Microservers for personal data exchange


HATDeX technology suite enable interoperability of personal data exchange across all industry sectors. HATs can be issued by an organisation to their customers in 5 seconds and data exchange can occur in a few button clicks giving individuals full control over data usage with seamless engagement