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The HAT microserver, built by HATDeX, is a way to own your own data and benefit from decentralised AI. With 1300 HATs created, over a dozen partners, & £3.2m worth of RCUK funding behind it, this innovation is on its way to changing the Internet, fixing the dominant issues with the digital economy for both businesses and consumers.

  • Investors inc Jon Crowcroft, Amadeus Capital, Irene Ng, Humayun Sheikh

  • Cambridge Analytica made one thing clear: the data economy must change

  • Partners inc Tata Motors UK, SyQic, Padoq, Bear Health, Good-Loop

  • Feat in the FT, Wired World 2018, Slaughter & May, and Lords AI Report. See News.



We need to change the Internet.

It's leaky, it's invasive, it's inefficient, and it's a bit manipulative. Our personal data and our online habits are too often exposed to hackers and advertisers, and the companies that want to use our data are often ignorant and sometimes malicious in how they do so. We shouldn't be satisfied by that - not when tech CEOs are being dragged in front of US Congress.

One of the ways we can fix the Internet is to give people more power and control when they're online. Power and control come primarily from technologies today, and that technology gets all its power and control from data. Until now it's been the companies that built all that data infrastructure. Now people can have some too, with a "HAT microserver."

HATs are private and ownable by the individual, and they let people own their own personal data as well as draw on AI tools to gain insights from their personal data. They can also be used to create new apps that have HATs as a user account, increasing the value of the person online so that everybody wins. HAT owners get more powerful, and the technologies and companies they care about do too.

More than 1300 HATs have been created to date. They're owned by the users of our apps, and the apps of the dozen+ corporate partners that currently build on our technology, customers that include Tata Motors UK, Good-Loop social advertising, Bear Health personal medical records, and more.



The HAT team is made up of young engineers, world-class investors, leading market design expertise and a Cambridge father of the modern Internet.

Founder & Chief Executive, Prof. Irene Ng , is a Professor at the University of Warwick, and a three-time author on service systems and market design. She is a former founder and CEO, a Fellow at Wolfson, and the visionary creator of the HAT.

Founder and Commercial Director, Dr. Xiao Ma, is a co-founder of HatDeX and the Director of the HAT Accelerator. He is an investment committee member of CZ investments in China, sourcing business opportunities in Europe and the United States.

Founder, Dr. Andrius Aucinas, is a young graduate of the PhD Computer Science programme at the University of Cambridge and a former founder of the Cambridge Coding Academy. He is the company Head of Engineering and built the HAT with Irene Ng.

Founder, Prof. Paul Tasker, experienced in building defence systems and led the design of the Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarines, Paul provide finance and legal advice leadership to the HAT ecosystem.

Advisors and past investors in the HAT include Prof. Jon Crowcroft, a Fellow of the Royal Society and Marconi Professor of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, Humayun Sheikh, a founding investor in DeepMind, Alex van Someren, partner at Amadeus Capital, Tolga Uzuner, former Partner at Apollo Global Management, and Alan Greenberg, Investment Advisor at 8GT and former Director at Apple.

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