HAT Web App v3.5

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • We added the Spotify plug for you to view your track listening in your "My Digital Life" feed, as well as media items are now supported on there
  • The date picker interaction on the profile page was improved
  • Easier navigation with the date divider and auto-scroll on the current day in the main feed
  • Also includes minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements
HAT iOS App v.1.2.2

New in this release:

  • Updated map view to show all your feed items plotted by their location 
  • Added Data Debits view: see all your HAT's data transactions
  • Added the ability to see the app permissions
  • General UI improvements
HATDeX signs former Apple and Apollo Global Management executives to board roles

Tech challenger prepares to champion the decentralized data economy on a global stage

 Tolga Uzuner

Tolga Uzuner

CAMBRIDGE, UK, 3 May 2018 | HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX), operator of the Hub of All Things (HAT) micro-server, has welcomed two new global executives to its advisory board. Tolga Uzuner is a global technology investor and former Partner at Apollo Global Management LLC, and Alan Greenberg is a former Director of Apple Education EMEA and Asia.

The appointments help the company position decentralised data as the future of the digital economy on a global stage. Alan Greenberg, who led the Apple team that built education podcasting and iTunes U, was the Head of Higher Education EMEA for three years and the Director of Solutions & Strategy Asia for two and a half. Alan is on the team at Eight Great Technologies, a specialist technology venture capital fund that worked to promote the growth of Sino-British tech companies during the PM’s 2018 trip to China, and he is a Fellow of the RSA in London, and a director, advisor and VC to a portfolio of education and healthcare startups.

Tolga Uzuner is a global technology investor with a reputation for identifying valuable assets in emerging economies. He was a Partner at Apollo Global Management from 2013 to April 2018, prior to which he was a Managing Director in the Chief Investment Office at JPMorganChase and a Director in the Fixed Income Group at Credit Suisse. Dr. Uzuner has served on the boards of directors of Capital IQ, Consul, IP Unity, Ipanema, and Atoga, has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and a BS in Economics from MIT, a Master of Science in Finance from London Business School, and a PhD from the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge where he is a Fellow of Kings College.

 Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg

HATDeX has created a platform technology championing the decentralised personal data economy. The tech industry is moving towards new information policies after the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals, and person-owned personal data is now increasingly a better way to build apps and services. HATDeX’s HAT micro- servers are owned by the citizen and collect data from wherever it’s created, unlocking opportunities in private AI, non-intrusive online advertising, and improved digital signaling and verified actions, representing the future of the digital economy.

For more information about the HAT visit https://hubofallthings.com
For more information about the HAT Data Exchange visit https://hatdex.org

For more information, please email contact@hatdex.org or our Community Manager, Jonathan Holtby at jonathan.holtby@hatdex.org

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DataBuyer v.2.1

New in this release:

  • conditional offer fulfilment based on data values (optionally chosen by the buyer)
  • offer fulfilment progress breakdown
  • data download interface for completed offers
  • rework of the periodic offer data collection for better performance


  • front page and modal view tweaks for better UX
Theresa Rabing
HAT Web App v3.4.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • Refreshes authentication token from API response header
  • Improves password update/recovery page to be more user-friendly
  • Migrates from Angular Http to HttpClient service
  • Uses interceptors to implement authentication logic
  • Rewrites authentication module to make it more efficient/comprehensible
  • Updates styling of the "My Digital Life"
  • Updates styling of the login screens
  • Adds desktop designs of the login screens


HAT Web App v3.4

New features in this release:

  • App explorer for the HAT ecosystem
  • Google Calendar Data Plug
  • Includes Google Calendar data in the "My Digital Life" feed
  • Implements HAT application's permission approval process 
  • Adds date picker filter feature in the mashups view

Also includes many minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements.

HAT iOS App v.1.1

Our latest update contains some major improvements and additions to your HAT App, including a new Data Plug – Google Calendar – so you can pull more valuable data into your HAT.

You can now:

  • Connect Google Calendar Data Plug
  • Filter your Digital Life Feed by date, and easily navigate back to 'today' using a brand new button set
  • Explore new apps in the HAT family, which you can preview and install straight from your HAT App
  • We've added a detailed permissions flow, so you can see exactly how linked apps use and access your data, giving you complete control
  • HAT App now supports iPhone X